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PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Deterrent


PetSafe SSSSCAT’s automatic spray system uses infrared to monitor movement up to 3 feet away to keep pets out of unwanted areas. The spray is harmless, odorless and stainless. PetSafe SSSCAT can be used to keep pets off counters, away from trash cans, prevent them from scratching or climbing on furniture and keep them away from any other belongings you might want to protect.

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“Okay, I think I proved my point.”(r/funny)

My cat likes to scratch my door, so I got a SSSCat that has an proximity-sensing air can sprayer that sprays him if he tries to get near my door.

Alternately, I had this hilarious mental picture of a cat stuck to fly paper. Or tangled up in scotch tape.

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