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Petmate Fresh Flow 120 V Replacement Pump, Black


Petmate Replacement Pump fits all regular and deluxe Fresh Flow models. Adapter and cord are included. DOES NOT include Flow Lever or On/Off switch.

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I made a cat water fountain for my newly adopted kitten, Pearl.(r/DIY)

This is a fantastic water fountain. I love DIY, and kittens (I happen to have a cat named Pearl, also!) Great job on that part. I have a serious concern about the safety of your creation, however.

I’m also experienced with electronics, electricity, and water pumps. I would like to comment on the use of the switch you used inline for that water pump.

THIS IS EXTREMELY UNSAFE, for you, and your kitten!!

I don’t mean to yell, just want to get my point across loud and clear, but you are risking a fatality!! That pump you bough is sealed, and intended to be submerged. The entire cord can be submerged, or lay in a puddle, because it’s sealed and would normally be considered safe to use for the purpose you’re using it for. Normally, when using these in a fish tank or hydroponics setup ,you would configure the cord in a “drip loop” (www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYk0RYG2jss) fashion to prevent water from entering the power outlet. With your cat bowl on the floor, water will not enter the power outlet, due to gravity, assuming the bowl is always below the power outlet. With this new switch in place, it is now the new “open spot” on the cord, and is vulnerable to shorting out, if in contact with water. Combined with the fact that if you simply switch it off while refilling it, makes it more dangerous, as there’s still a live, exposed wire while you’re pouring water into it.

Unplugging the device to perform maintenance on it should be considered a safety feature. Plus, based on my experience with cat water bowls, you’ll want to clean this out every few days anyways.

Additionally, these pumps do not utilize a ground connection.

Please, please, please, buy a new pump. Here is a link to a pump designed to be used the way you intend it to be used:


This type of pump will do two things for you :

1) convert the dangerous 120v AC to low voltage DC, which is non lethal to you and your pet, if it gets wet.

2) The pump cord can disconnect from the power supply (safely) so it will fit in through the holes you drilled in the dishes.

PLEASE unplug your device immediately, throw that pump away, and order a new pump for you project.

That aside, I absolutely love the look/design/thought you did put into this, I don’t want you to be harmed.

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