upvoted.top:Ozium Glycol-Ized Professional Air Sanitizer / Freshener Original Scent

Ozium Glycol-Ized Professional Air Sanitizer / Freshener Original Scent, 0.8 oz. aerosol (OZ-1)


OZ-1 Color: Original Features: -Eliminates odors and smoke. -Reduces airborne bacteria. -Cleans the air you breathe. -EPA Registered. -Capacity: 0.8 Ounce. Product Type: -Aerosol. Hypoallergenic: -Yes. Format: -Spray. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -0.12 lbs. Net Weight: -0.8 Ounces.

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Can someone give me a 101 crash course in Marijuana?(r/trees)

What does ENT mean?

  • The term “ENT” refers to the tree people in the movie Lord of The Rings. One slang term for marijuana is trees.

What are some generally good prices for a gram/ounce?

  • A good price for a GRAM is $15 USD and for an OUNCE around $360 USD

What’s with the pineapple?

  • When you upvote a post on the trees subreddit, the orange dot and marijuana leaf look like a pineapple

What are some good pieces I could start out with? (I’m fairly creative, and could make my own, also).

  • I started out with Gatorade bottles, tin foil, and craftsmanship. But since you’re above the age of 18, I would suggest you go to your local head shop “Smoke Shop” and buy a glass piece. They’re much healthier for your lungs when you use them.

If I were to start growing, where would be an ideal spot? (I can post pictures of my room/house for better understanding).

  • I would do it some place discrete but that is easily accessible. I’ve heard of people that grow in their closets.

How would I grow different strains, like Purple Urkel, Lemon Kush, etc…?

  • From my little knowledge on this subject, different strains are achieved through genetic engineering. I have been told that the color of the strain is effected by when you harvest it although I am not sure if this is true.

If I ever needed to mask the smell, what do?

  • This is what you want.

Hope this was helpful! Happy toking and welcome to the world of ENTS

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