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OXO SoftWorks 9-Inch Locking Tongs


SoftWorks Locking Tongs are sturdy, brushed stainless steel. The Tongs feature soft, comfortable, non-slip grip pads and they lock closed for easy storage. 9-inch length is ideal for cooking and serving. Dishwasher safe.

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I found my new Summer project(r/pics)

Every time I see these my initial thought is: WOW COOL!

Then I start to examine the design.

  1. One person is going to have smoke blowing in their face while they eat.
  2. Not kid friendly – You might not have kids but your friends might.
  3. Cleaning the grill on my deck is a pain in the ass. X’s 10 with this setup.
  4. Lots more surface area which means longer to get hot. Also, more fuel needed to get hot. It looks coal powered in this photo so that is going to get pricey.
  5. This will look AWESOME the first Summer you have it. Next year it will look like total shit as the wood starts to warp from the heat. Also all of that chrome will start to blacken which will transfer to that nice honey finish on the wood too.

  1. This has nothing to do with the table so I am just being an old man here: Those are XOXO Tongs which means there is at least $60 in utensils.

I guess if one were to have a niche table/grill such as this you might be going high end with your utensils.

EDIT: www.jaggrill.com/MAIN-FEATURES

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