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Nintendo 3DS Game Card Case 24 – Black


Officially licensed by Nintendo. This large capacity yet compact design game case is compatible for both the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS game cards. It can store up to 24 of your favorite games. Includes one SD card holder attachment. Case is available in 3 colors: Black, Blue and Clear. Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS games not included.

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How do you guys store your game cards?(r/3DS)

I have a Hori game case that holds 24 of ’em. Amazon page here, though it’s also available in other colors (I have an entirely translucent one).

Good quality, should last a long time if used properly (don’t just push the cartridge in from the top, slide it in pushing against the inner tab. It has a slight amount of give to it to prevent breakage).

I also have one of those same cheap Chinese ones and you’re right – the tabs on those break easily.

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