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niceEshop HD 1080P 27 Inch LPS Screen K6000 Vehicle DVR Car Road Dash Video Camera Recorder High-…


Product Name Car Recorder Product Type X3 Features High-definition camera, high-definition video. Program Joint Wing G-sensor G-sensor Built-in (car accident case of emergency save, will not be deleted) LCD screen size 2.7LTPS Camera 140 A + grade high-resolution ultra-wide-angle lens Language Russia, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Western, English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean Etc. File Format AVI Video resolution Maximum 1080P Video video formats M-JPEG Color effects …

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Poor kid learns the hard way not to turn corners blindly.(r/WTF)

I actually have a dashcam for exactly this type of reason. They are like $20-30 on amazon. I’ll try to dig up an earlier post I made on the subject.

Found it:

Not sure if it’s the coolest thing, but one purchase I have never regretted is a car dashboard camera. The Russians have got it right on this one. For as cheap as $30-50 USD on amazon, you can get a 1080p fisheye camera. It’s really a personal insurance thing; if you are in an accident or something where fault is ambiguous, HD video evidence can clear you of legal trouble, insurance rate hikes, and all of that if you are innocent.

I actually still have buried somewhere video of a car accident I was in a year or so ago (It automatically saves footage if the g-forse sensor goes above a certain point so that it can’t be overwritten or deleted). I was at fault so not much use there beyond showing the EMS, but I am really glad I have it. If debris comes off a truck and breaks my windshield (happened to me while driving to DC once but didn’t break windshield), I have the truck’s license plate and proof of what happened. If someone cuts me off or something and then tries to blame me, I have the power to call their bullshit without any doubt and save myself thousands in repairs, legal fees, and insurance costs for less than a tank of gas.

I would recommend that everyone get one, but in some cases you have to be cautious. The cheap >$20 models will overheat (I live in the Southern US, summer temps are hot enough to do this). Also, there are legal issues. In some states (Maryland, Illinois, etc), it is illegal or frowned upon to record police/public (not sure about Illinois, but in Maryland it is because some cop got caught harrassing kids on film and the state took a huge fallout and kind of overreacted). The State of California also slightly targets dash cams and has some restrictive legislation. Not sure for the laws outside the United States, but I would highly recommend one for anyone who lives elsewhere.

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The original thread

The one I use although there are many newer better models out now, and it looks like quality has taken a bit of a hit judging by the reviews.

Thanks for the gold! Glad I could help some of you out!

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