upvoted.top:New Li-ion Battery with PINs for Philips Sonicare Flexcare

New Li-ion Battery with PINs for Philips Sonicare Flexcare, Flexcare+ Toothbrush Repair Replacement


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Your average Sonicare tootbrush (with inductive charging) can last up to two full weeks per battery charge. That includes 28 two minute brushings.

Assuming you move your brush across your teeth twice on each surface (front side, back side, top) during each brushing, your brush has traveled approximately 60 inches per brushing ( 3 sides x 2 cycles x 5 inches per side x 2 for top and bottom teeth) or 1680 inches per battery charge = 0.02651515 miles per charge.

The Sonicare Flex Care toothbrush utilizes an 3.7 V 800mAh battery, equivalent of about 2.96 Watt-hours of energy.

Using the EPAs equation for computing equivalent MPG of electrical vehicles, we find MPGe = 33,705 / Em, where Em is the energy consumed in Wh/mi.

So putting it all together:

MPGe = 33,705 / (2.96Wh / 0.02651515 miles) = 301.9 MPGe 

tl;dr: Your average high end electric toothbrush gets about 300 MPG.

SOURCE: Fucking science.

EDIT: words no work good with fast math. And math error.

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