upvoted.top:Neewer Set of Two 9 feet/260 centimeters Photo Studio Light Stands for HTC Vive VR

Neewer Set of Two 9 feet/260 centimeters Photo Studio Light Stands for HTC Vive VR, Video, Portra…


The light stand is made of aluminum alloy, making it strong for heavy duty work. It is also of light weight and can be folded into a small size, making it portable and easy to store after use. Its solid locking capabilities makes your lights safe. Made by the industrial standard, it supports all major brands of photo equipment such as reflector, softbox, different lights, umbrella, background, etc. It is perfect for photo studio and on site photo and video shoots!

Folded heig…

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Daily Updates – Preparations, Arrivals, Unboxings, Reactions, First Impressions & Introductions – April 05(r/Vive)

I previously had a Gear VR, and I just spent my first few hours with the Vive:

  1. Holy fucking shit
  2. It’s way more comfortable with glasses. It felt just fine for multiple hours.
  3. The tracking is insanely precise. I had someone toss me a controller and I caught it. The Lab has an arcade cabinet and not only does it feel like I’m standing up to a real cabinet, but I can control the arcade game’s joystick with the same precision as I would with a real device.
  4. Holy fucking shit
  5. The tactile feedback on the controllers is very, very good. It gave the bowstring a legitimacy it wouldn’t have had otherwise.
  6. Sitting down and painting all around you in tilt brush is like being a child again
  7. Holy fucking shit
  8. The pupillary distance only goes down to 60.3 as far as I can tell, luckily for me it’s pretty much perfect at the bottom of the scale
  9. I basically scraped by with the minimum room scale space and it worked out pretty okay. Don’t put anything expensive near the edges, you will knock into them a few times. Watch out for your ceiling fan.
  10. The screen door effect is really not bad. I didn’t notice any bleeding or halos or any weird optical oddity so far.
  11. The box is enormous, it comes with a LOT of stuff.
  12. I used the following tripod & mount for the sensors: [Tripod – www.amazon.com/Neewer-centimeters-Portrait-Product… [Swivel mount www.amazon.com/EXMAX-Tripod-Camera-Camcorder-Brack…

  13. Holy

  14. Fucking
  15. Shit

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