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With alcohol traces to purify the skin, castor oil to soften & lime oil to refresh it. This soap is the perfect preparation for the shaving “ritual”. Perfect complement for men who appreciate a natural and pure soap. This soap has been hand made and hand stamped in Portugal since 1887. Coconut oil in these soaps makes them especially mild and creamy cleansers and the classic scents will leave you refreshed and invigorated

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How the heck do you get a good shave on your neck?(r/wicked_edge)

First, know the direction of the grain on your neck—often it’s the opposite of the direction on your face. This is important, because the first past should be with the grain, the second across, and the third against. If you don’t know the direction of the grain, you might be starting with an against the grain pass.

Second, sometimes the hair on the neck grows in whorls or some such pattern so that you have no choice but to shave against the grain for some. So that leads to:

Third: Do excellent prep on your neck specifically. Sometimes the neck prep is sort of neglected. Wash your beard at the sink with Musgo Real Glyce Lime Oil soap (MR GLO), a pre-shave soap, including your neck. Lather up well, including your neck. Lay a moist hot towel over the lather, especially on your neck. (Moist hot towel: soak a hand towel under the hot-water tap, squeeze “dry”, and lay it atop the layer of lather.) Hold the towel in place for 3 minutes, then remove and relather and begin the pass with the grain.

Make sure that you are using the correct blade angle and light pressure on your neck. Short strokes should help.

After final rinse, use the alum block, let sit a while, rinse, and apply witch haze.

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