upvoted.top:Mr-S-Leather Complete Anal Douche "Shower Shot" Kit with Deluxe Aluminum Nozzle

Mr-S-Leather Complete Anal Douche “Shower Shot” Kit with Deluxe Aluminum Nozzle


Shower Shot: Complete Douche Set The Mr. S Shower Shot is one of the best and easiest ways to clean out your before playing. Attaches easily to the pipe behind your shower head and hangs down for easy access. It has a 6 foot hose that then attaches to a nozzle. You can adjust the flow/stream of water by turning the small diverter valve. Full force is never recommended. Be sure and test the water temperature before inserting the nozzle. Besides cleaning out before having sex for hygienic reaso…

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My brother recently bought a house from a gay man, he’s excited that his new shower has a foot cleaner….little does he know it’s an anal douche rod.(r/funny)

I had no idea this was a thing… www.amazon.com/Mr-S-Leather-Complete-Douche-Shower…

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