upvoted.top:Motion-Activated Mini Spy Camera with Night Vision and 10-Day Battery Life and 1-Year Warranty by...

Motion-Activated Mini Spy Camera with Night Vision and 10-Day Battery Life and 1-Year Warranty by…


Motion Activated Mini Night Vision Spy Camera with Night Vision by SpygearGadgets is a small but powerful spy camera. Measuring just two inches tall, this camera records high quality 640×480 color video and the battery lasts up to 10 days on a single charge.

The motion activated recording detects body heat, which results in the most accurate motion detection. Operation is simple, there is only one button to turn the camera on. Just slide the switch into the “ON” position, and wheneve…

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What is the best (legal) way to piss off nosy neighbors?(r/AskReddit)

Seriously do this. It’s a nice and LEGAL reason to call the cops if she comes onto your property.

Use a few plants or a lattice to raise your fence a little.

Honey attracts ants and bees. Though you’re only asking for retaliation.

Add some wind chimes for auditory warfare. Big speakers will only earn you a noise complaint.

Make note of a few municipal laws. Is her grass too high? Are their laws against certain lawn decorations? What’s street parking like? What are the fence regulations?

What are the snow removal requirements? Our walk has to be shoveled within 24 hours by the resident or they are legally responsible for mishaps. I remember rumor of a mailman getting hurt, and the resident was giving a BIG citation.

Keep a cheapo digital voice recorder by the door. Grab it every time she comes trolling.

Install a motion activated light. You never know when if she’ll try and salt your yard. BONUS POINTS: turn up the sensitivity and point it “kinda sorta” at her window.

Talk to a lawyer and see what it would take to issue a No Contact order. Also, ask him about the legalities of home video surveillance.

Don’t give her any legal footholds. Pick up your dog shit. Keep your yard clean.

This camera might be helpful. Something big and obvious will only put them on edge. If you buy a camera, keep it simple and hidden.

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