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Morninghead Cap – Bed Head Cure (Morning Head)


A Morninghead cap resembles a shower cap but is made of durable polyethylene and has a super absorbent material on the inside. Just add water, put it on your head and seconds later your hair is completely wet. No mess. Bed head’s gone. You can then style your hair as you normally would as if you’d just toweled off after a shower.

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Have any really great startups come out of this sub?(r/startups)

Long story short. I found the guy who owned it. I emailed him asking for it saying I had a blog I wanted to start and the URL would be a decent fit. He writes back that it’s not for sale. I eventually set up a phone call with him for the next week. He goes on a long rant about how he collects domain names and that morninghead.com was fucking priceless, etc. “There are a finite number of domains. In 30 years, morninghead.com will be worth even more, etc.” He mentioned he worked at an antique shop and likes collectibles, etc. I am a sales engineer and pride myself as being a very good salesperson. I made up my mind that I was going to get this domain 100%. There was no way I was not going to get the domain. And so we began our two hour long phone conversation. We started talking numbers and he said again he would never sell. Ever. He would, however, consider leasing it to me for $5,000 a month. Ok, first offer on the table. I said that was too rich for my blood, but I’m actually more interested in his antique shop. So we get talking, and talking, and he eventually tells me about how he thinks he might be sitting on a gold mine. Someone came into his shop with an autographed copy of Mein Kampf. Wow. Weird. Yeah, so he continues and also mentions that there was also an accompanying Nazi armband. And both of them had blood on them. So his theory was that it was Hitler’s blood. Now I’m really weirded out at this point, but I am in it for the long game. The long sit. I am closing this deal tonight. So I probe him, “How do you know it’s Hitler’s blood? Have you had DNA testing done?” And he’s getting excited now asking how I know so much about these things (I watched CSI in high school). Apparently, there is no DNA record of Hitler to confirm or refute so this could possibly be the holy grail of WWII/Hitler history, etc. according to him. We we go deeper and start putting together a game plan as to how he could validate it, etc. Also, he is Jewish, and when the bloody book came through the door, later that day when he showed it to his business partner of 15 years, his partner told him to “shut the fuck up you stupid kike.” (edit: and this guy had been nothing but unicorns and rainbows for the preceding 15 years) So there was an extra amount of weirdness here. So we go deeper and deeper and talk about if he would give it to a museum or a private seller. He thinks he could sell it to Barbara Streisand or Speilburg to as they are rich and have big $$ and would likely buy it and give it to a museum. Anyway… this crazy shit goes on for close to two hours. I am basically helping him with a business plan for his creepy, bloody, haunted, book and armband combo. Then eventually when we’re done riffing and both have a bunch of work to do, we return to the domain. So I slow play it: “Hey, so about that stupid domain… I don’t even want it anymore. I mean THIS, this shit is where it’s at. I’ll help you with the sale of this book and getting the word out… but about the domain… shit, I know you’re a businessman, you’re in the business of making money, you bought this domain for $10… you want to make a buck on it, Shit, I don’t even want it, but since we’re friends now… I’ll throw you $100 bucks and let’s call it a day”

“You got it.” he says.

No. Fucking. Joke.

It was one of the finest sales interactions of my life. I don’t believe it was disengenious because I did try to help him over the next two weeks, but he eventually must have lost interest because he stopped responding to me emails.

tl;dr; Bloody copy of Mein Kampf, Possessed Anti-Semite, and Morninghead.com – just read it bitch.

EDIT: Just got wind this was bestof’d. If anyone wants to check out the site, my ghetto-ass website selling our kickstarter funded product, check it out here. It’s a real product that is perfect for night showerers. You can also get it on Amazon prime if you have prime

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