Mionix NAOS 3200 USB Wired LED-optical 3200 dpi Mouse


Mionix NAOS 3200 Gaming Mouse for PC The unique shape supports the whole hand without compromising ergonomics or a steady grip. Mionix Naos 3200 is equipped with only carefully selected high-end components paired up with reliable LED-optical sensor technology which offers durability, performance and accuracy. Save your settings and macros in the built-in memory. No additional software or driver installation is needed. Wherever you go, just plug in the mouse and get started. Mionix Naos 3200 a…

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/r/buildapc, let’s talk gaming mice.(r/buildapc)

Comment due to the 10000 char. limit. Thanks for all the suggestions in the comments!

Roccat Kone[+]$90

135mm/5.31″ x 78mm/3.07″ x No Height Provided.

This mouse is on the larger size, geared more toward the palm grip. This mouse has a max DPI setting of 6000. It has customizable LEDs on the mouse, as well as the ability to save up to five profiles. The mouse comes with four 5g weights that you can adjust to your liking. It has 8 programmable buttons.

Razer Naga$85

116mm/4.57” x 70mm/2.75” x 46mm/1.81”

This mouse is geared towards MMO players. It has 17 programmable buttons, 12 of which are on the side. It has a max DPI setting of 5600, and it also has customizable LEDs. It comes with three different side grips that you choose from to add comfort.

Razer Mamba$120

115 mm/4.53” x 68 mm/2.68” x 43 mm/1.69”

The Razer Mamba is very visually similar to the Deathadder. It has 7 buttons rather than 5, and has a max DPI of 6400. It has customizable LEDs, and comes with wireless and wired options. it’s a little smaller than the Deathadder, so it’s more suitable for claw and possibly fingertip grippers.

Razer Imperator$75

123mm/4.84″ x 71mm/2.79″ x 42mm/1.65″

The Razer Imperator has a max 5600 DPI sensor, and 7 programmable buttons. This mouse is optimized for comfort, one feature of which is that you can actually move the side buttons to fit where your thumb is.

Logitech G500$60

129mm/5.09″ x 76mm/2.99″ x 44mm/1.73″

The G500 has 10 programmable buttons and a max DPI of 5700. This mouse has two scrolling modes -click and freescrolling. It also comes with up to 27g of weight that can be added on to your liking.

Logitech G700$90

126mm/4.96″ x 80mm/3.15″ x 46mm/1.81″

The Logitech G700 boasts 13 programmable buttons and a max DPI of 5700. It is advertised as being ideal for MMO players. It can save up to five profiles. This mouse also has both wireless and wired options.

Logitech G400$40

131mm/5.16″ x 73mm/2.87″ x 43mm/1.69″

The Logitech G400 is an variation of the the MX518. It has a max DPI setting of 3600, and 8 programmable buttons. Of these buttons, two of these are designed to switch DPI on the fly.

Cooler Master CM Storm Xornet$25

107mm/4.21″ x 75mm/2.95″ x 35mm/1.38″

Although it’s the cheapest mouse I have listed here, it doesn’t lack quality. This mouse has a max DPI of 2000, and has 5 programmable buttons, as well as two buttons to adjust DPI. It’s smaller, so it’s more suitable for claw and fingertip grip users.

Cooler Master CM Storm Spawn$30

107mm/4.21″ x 75mm/2.95″ x 35mm/1.38″

The CM Storm Spawn is an upgraded version of the Xornet, with a higher max DPI setting of 3500.

Mionix Naos 3200$50

131mm/5.15″ x 85mm/3.33″ x 39mm/1.52″

The Naos 3200 is another mouse more geared towards palm grippers. As the name suggests, the max DPI is 3200. The mouse has customizable LEDs, as well as three quick change DPI settings. The Naos 3200 has seven programmable buttons. There is also a Naos 5000 which brings the max DPI up to 5040, and also has adjustable weights.

Thermaltake eSPORTS Black Element$65

124mm/4.88″ x 67mm/2.64″ x 42mm/1.65″

The Black Element has a max DPI of 6500, the highest of all the listed mice. It has 9 programmable keys and customizable LEDs (5 color settings). This mouse can save up to 45 different macros on five profiles.

Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0$40

132mm/5.2″ x 69mm/2.72″ x 43mm/1.68mm

The Intellimouse 3.0 is an odd one. While it only has a max DPI of 400, it has many features of a gaming mouse. You can quickly adjust the DPI to between 10 and 90% to be more precise. It has two side buttons in addition to the 3 main buttons. you can also program Macros for certain keystrokes.

Steelseries Ikari$55

126mm/4.96″ x 68mm/2.68″ x 39mm/1.54″

The Ikari has 6 programmable buttons, and a max DPI setting of 3200. It has an LCD display where you can change your settings. It also has an “On-The-fly” button where you can switch between two different settings.

As for lefties, sadly the market is very short on left handed mice. Generally, you’ll have to use an ambidextrous mouse, although there are some mice that have a left handed version, like the Deathadder.

A few ambidextrous mice:

Steelseries Sensei$90

126mm/4.96in x 68mm/2.68mm x 39mm/1.54mm

The Steelseries Sensei features 7 programmable buttons, as well as customizable LEDs. It also has an LCD screen on the bottom that you can customize with your own picture to prevent theft at big LAN events. The Sensei has a max DPI setting of 5700. The Steelseries Xai and Steelseries Kana are very similar mice with a couple less features than the Sensei..

Razer Lachesis$70

129 mm/5.08” x 71 mm/2.80″ x 40 mm/1.58”

The Razer Lachesis has customizable LEDs along with 9 programmable buttons. It has a max DPI setting of 5600.

I’m much less knowledgeable on left handed mice, so if anyone has any input, that would be appreciated!

Of course, these are not the only gaming mice. There are plenty not listed here that you could consider, this is just a general list.

As more mice are released I will try to update this. If I’ve included any incorrect information, or am missing some important points, please let me know! If there’s a certain mouse you think I should include in this guide, put it in the comments!

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