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Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Windows & Xbox 360 Console


Precisely what you need for PC and Xbox gaming. Play with confidence with this responsive, ergonomic controller. It works on either your PC or Xbox to give you the ultimate gaming experience.

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[Discussion] What is the best PC accessory that nobody thinks to get?(r/buildapc)

A proper gamepad. For whatever reason there seems to be this aversion to gamepads from the new PC gamer (read: “PC Master Race”) crowd. For whatever reason these people see gamepads as an affront to PC gaming, and all games must be perfectly enjoyable with a keyboard and mouse, no exceptions.

I think almost every PC gamer should have a 360 gamepad among their primary gaming peripherals. Personally, I find them most useful for racing/driving games, as well as third person games like GTA/Saints Row/etc that involve a lot of driving. Also works well with platformers, fighters, etc. The best part is that because specifically the 360 controller is natively compatible with Windows and is so common, most games ship with native compatibility right out of the box.

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