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Micro Usb HUB Adaptor with Power Powered, Kirin(TM) Charging Charger OTG Host Cable Cord Adapter …


Specification: Color:Black Package content: 1* Micro USB Hub Adaptor Note: Compatible with most android smart phone with micro-usb port Support data synchronize when charging For Galaxy S4 , Note 3 OTG port provides a simple way to connect phone to a USB capable computer for data synchronization and file transfers. **Note: Can not support Dell Venue 8 , 11 Pro Have Charging / Data Sync Function. Warranty: 45 days money-back & 18-month warranty. Any questions you have, please don’t…

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Some 2 player classic gaming during the flight(r/gaming)

The setup:

  1. Android phone (GS6) with RetroArch installed off the Google Play store (free). No-intro roms.

  2. USB hub: www.amazon.com/Adaptor-Powered-Charging-Charger-Co…

  3. USB controllers: www.amazon.com/Buffalo-Classic-USB-Gamepad-PC/dp/B…

  4. Stand: www.amazon.com/MoKo-Universal-Foldable-Multi-angle…

  5. Headphone splitter: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000067RC4/

EDIT1: these are the RetroArch ‘Cores’ I run with this setup: NES: Nestopia, SNES: Snes9x, Genesis: Genesis Plus GX, N64: Mupen64Plus, Arcade: MAME, Doom: PrBoom. Enjoy 🙂

EDIT2: rooting is not required, my phone is not rooted it’s stock Android.

EDIT3: this setup is not limited to smartphones. It works on laptops, tablets, or Android TV boxes (e.g. Nexus Player, Mi Box, OUYA, Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire TV, etc.)

EDIT4: here’s a post I’ve done on my RetroArch config: www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/54qf9d/finally_fo…

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