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Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor (Blade Included)


Nothing can beat the original safety razors with their replaceable double-edged blades that provide a smooth, clean shave. The very best are hand-crafted by Merkur in Solingen, Germany and this decorative model of traditional design is as reassuringly heavy in the hand as they come.

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Tired of Razor Bumps, advice for a black male?(r/wicked_edge)

We’d want to look at a few things. It sounds like you have decent prep if you’re washing your face first. I’m not familiar with that shave gel but you might want to try going with a good soap or cream paired with a brush. There are soaps with minimal additives which would rule out any irritation caused by ingredients in the shave gel.

Then we’d want to get you cutting your whiskers with a single edge and not a multi-blade cartridge. A double-edged razor (example) would be my suggestion. From there I’d like to see how your skin reacts after shaving one pass with-the-grain, and don’t worry about smoothness or closeness yet.

Problem with curly hair is that if you cut the hair below the skin it’s probably more likely to become ingrown. Using one clean cut going strictly with-the-grain — and really follow the growth pattern, don’t just go north-to-south — should minimize that.

Look at an alum block or some plain witch hazel to apply after you shave.

If you’re interested in wet shaving with a double-edged razor, brush and cream, then let us know if you have a specific budget and we can offer some suggestions with specific products.

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