upvoted.top:Mehron Paradise Face Paints - Teal (1.4 oz)

Mehron Paradise Face Paints – Teal (1.4 oz)


Mehron’s Paradise AQ makeup is a water activated face paint that is rich in color and pipment. This is a face paint for artists who want ease with application and creative control over color. Paradise face paints are semi-soft, glycerin-based cake makeup co-created with Mehron by Jinny Houle, World Renowned Body Painting Artist. Paradise face paints are water activated, and because of this, the hues of the colors can be controlled by the artist. Paradise Face Paints feature vibrant colors tha…

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Dressed as Unity last night. Successfully assimilated a drunken collective hivemind.(r/rickandmorty)

I’ve had a few questions/PMs about costume accessories and whatnot:

  • Body paint was Paraidse Face Paints in teal, applied with makeup sponges.

  • Contacts were ordered from Wickedeyez.com in “Zombie Yellow”. They were comfortable but a little cloudy.

  • Antennae were constructed from paint, foam balls, wire and some hair supplies I found at the dollar store.

  • The wig was ordered from amazon, surprisingly inexpensive and good quality.

  • Boobs were constructed by genetics, a push-up bra, and the right camera angle.

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