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The Halfkeyboard is great for desktop computer applications! With a halfkeyboard under one hand and your mouse, trackball or stylus in the other, there’s no need to go back and forth between your input devices when working on CAD, desktop publishing, animation, image manipulation, spreadsheets, or even gaming

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Amazon user reviews keyboard.(r/funny)

What’s weirder is how the sub-letters are reversed in order. My guess is it’s some sort of ill-conceived ‘efficiency’ keyboard, trying to be the dvorak of onehanded typing. I bet it costs a bomb too.

Edit: Oh Jesus.

>Revolutionary Design

>Fast one hand typing using your existing touch typing skills

>Ultra compact

>Increase productivity, lets you keep your hand on the mouse, stylus, pen or joystick at all times

All for $575.00. Fucking bargain.

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