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Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual-Function Security Bar


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I rent a 2 bedroom apart. and live alone. Landlord has informed me that on October 1 a stranger will be leasing my spare room. There is nothing in my lease about this being allowed. The property management company won’t return my calls and I found out the guy may have spent time in jail for drugs(r/legaladvice)

First steps: send the certified letter saying “not no but hell no” and make a copy of your lease with the “I rent the whole apartment” parts circled.

I would suggest taking a few days off work around Oct1, literally barricading the door and putting on netflix or something. Just chill in your apartment the whole time.

DO NOT allow your landlord to start moving someone in. If someone tries to break into your apartment (i.e. your landlord gave them a key), call the police ASAP. It’ll be a lot easier to get the police involved if they have not moved in, because then it’s not an eviction issue. Have copies of the information readily available to hand to the cops.

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