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Women (and gay men) of reddit. Your thoughts on small penis sizes. How do you react to them? What’s the thought process when you’re about the get frisky with one. (NSFW)(r/AskReddit)

The smallest penis I ever encountered was a few years back. I had been stuck in town over a break in college and a guy who was a sweet, intelligent guy had invited me over because he had to stay in town as well, to do work over the break (school work even, ouch- engineering majors.) So we drink beers and flirt a little, and then I get invited to lay on his bed. We make out, he is nervous. I take my shirt off, he loosens up. I get his shirt off.

He is a teddybear- Big, hairy, soft,. His has a scratchy beard but it is trimmed to perfection and he dresses and smells incredible. After a while of heavy petting I decide to go for it, and get his pants off. He is hesitant, and I shortly after find out why. I get his boxers off and literally cannot at first see his penis in his pubes, and he did not have an over abundance of pubes. It was comparable to one of those carrots you dip in ranch for a snack. The legendary micropenis. My first thought was “It’s okay, I bet he isn’t even all the way hard yet”.

Oh but he was.

So I tried to put it in me. Like, really tried. I couldn’t get the angle right, and my legs got in the way of his larger frame before any stimulating penetration could occur. He was visibly shaken and about 10 minutes into me jumping off numerous times, stroking and sucking a bit and trying a new angle, he started apologizing and getting really upset.

I hushed him and grabbed his hands, and slid them in me. I rode them instead. I kissed and comforted him, and once he was back in the groove I started touching myself while he was still using his (very large) hands to do work. I came, then I got down there and sucked that micro penis to finish like a champion. In case you were wondering, micropensis cum regular amounts.

After we had a smoke and a few more beers and then I was off. He got too busy with work for anything to really happen between us (once he had free time, I was dating someone) but I think the important lesson to be learned is that sex is about pleasing your partner. If two people want to orgasm near each other bad enough, nothing can stop them. You don’t need a penis to please anyone, all you need is to have them want you bad enough, and a willingness to try whatever keeps them going.

Dicks are for baby making, get in there with faces and hands and power tools if needed. If she wants to feel something wide use more fingers. If she wants something ramming her cervix talk with her about buying a dildo. It doesn’t make you less of a man, it makes you one willing to do whatever it takes to please your woman.

As a final note, most guys could legitimately use this help(NSFW)

Now, go out there and please your partner ! If any of you ladies need help : touch him on the penis, then put it in a warm, wet place.

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