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Magic Fragrant Shaving Powder (Gold)


A depilatory formulated especially for black men to help fight razor bumps. Provides a fragrant, razorless shave. (Fragranced)

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My girlfriend REALLY wants me to eat her out. It is extremely unenjoyable for me. I really want her to shave but she absolutely will not.(r/sex)

Tell her to try this:


It’s awesome.

You mix it up to the consistency of heavy cream, slather it down there, wait a bit, and gently tug at the hair. When it comes out easily, it’s ready.

Do NOT rub it off with a washcloth. Gently pull it — it won’t hurt and if it does, you left it on too short.

Try it yourself first. There’s no itching, no bumps, nothing. Seriously, it’s godly.

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