upvoted.top:Luvable Friends 5-Pack Hanging Bodysuit

Luvable Friends 5-Pack Hanging Bodysuit, Train, 3-6 Months


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eBay sellers abusing the multi-listing option to make their item look cheap(r/mildlyinfuriating)

Amazon does this too, I find it unusable. For example, a baby onesie will be $4.99-$19.99 but there will be 20 colors in 5 different sizes, the only way to find which one is on sale is to click through every size/color combo which is ridiculous. Once, I actually did click through everyone one on a diaper bag and never did see one for the lower price. If they are going to allow that, they need a way to sort by price.

edit: here’s an example, price range $8.99-$24.99 with free shipping on some things. There are 34 different designs, each with 4 different sizes. Which one is on sale??

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