upvoted.top:Lord Premium Safety Razor Model LP1822L aka L6

Lord Premium Safety Razor Model LP1822L aka L6


Lord Premium Safety Razor Model LP1822L
Merkur like Head

This Razor offers the ultimate in double edged affordability and lightweight construction.
Comes with 1 LORD Platinum Blade

Authentic LORD Razor made in Egypt by LORD Company. 4.33 inch (110 mm) Long, Weight 1.7 oz. (48gr)

2011 Production Brand new model.

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[OFFICIAL ] Double edge kit suggestions – $50 or less(r/wicked_edge)

Intro to DE shaving on a budget.

Lord L6 $ $12.75 ~ Free Prime Shipping

Jaguar Boar Shaving Brush (XS) + FREE Arko + FREE 5 Derby Extra blades $ 12.94 ~ Free Shipping

Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades – 25 Ct $2.95 Free Shipping

Total Cost $28.64

I get about 5 good shaves from each Derby blade (YMMV) and a stick of Arko will last around 75-100 shaves. Assuming the Derby blades work for you, it will be months before you need to restock.

This book is also a good reference point to get started. $10.97 ~ Free Prime Shipping

If you do not have Amazon Prime yet, you can get 6 months of free Prime with Amazon Student by signing up with a .edu email address.

Something important to keep in mind that I have not seen it this thread, you do not have to start by purchasing everything at once. I highly advise starting with just the brush and soap while using your existing shave cartridges. Once you are comfortable with the brush and face lathering, pick up the DE razor and some blades. If you then decide that DE shaving is for you, pick up one of the blade samplers mentioned in this thread.

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