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Lighthouse Hydro Hydroponics Grow Tent, 48 by 48 by 84-Inch


This 48″ x 48″ x 84″ Grow Tent is a full height grow tent (7′ tall) with enough room for a real grow. This tent is great for a 16 pot ebb and flow system. The perfect size for veg, flower, or both. Adjustable light hangers allow you to hang lights and other equipment from just about anywhere. Ideal for a 600W lamp, or two 500W LED Grow Lights. Four 8″ ports at the top of the tent have double-sided socks and drawstrings which allow you to use 4″, 6″, or 8″ ductwork for your fans and filters. T…

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Seedsman White Widow Harvest and Sour Blueberry Final Weight.(r/microgrowery)

Ok so I got the final weight on the Sour Blueberry I posted last time, 279.1g Just shy of 10 ounces. Nobody guessed 279g exactly, sans_serif was the closest with a guess of 10oz even(280g). Damn close.

This harvest is Seedsman White Widow and it has a pine citrus smell to it and a VERY headdy high. It has already knocked 3 people on their butts including myself. I highly recommend it. I’m thinking this one might be more than the Sour Blueberry, it had a ton of tops on it.

Side note: Watch attitude seedbank all day today for half price deals, they’re doing stuff for their birthday promo, the full promo starts tonight at 1AM on the west coast.

EDIT: They just posted the Promo newsletter start planning your attack!!! New promos out the ass.

Edit2: Here’s a big veg album and you can see the Sour B and WW grow up from seed.

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