upvoted.top:LIFETIME WARRANTY! T & S Electronics Micro USB OTG Cable - Micro USB OTG to USB Adapter for Samsu...

LIFETIME WARRANTY! T & S Electronics Micro USB OTG Cable – Micro USB OTG to USB Adapter for Samsu…


LIFETIME WARRANTY!! If your cable EVER fails simply return the cable to us and we’ll send you a replacement free of charge (we’ll even pay return shipping). Contact us through the email address provided on the cable label for replacement or support If you’re looking for a cable that doesn’t block the Audio port on the Nexus 10 we have an OTG just for it! Search for item #: B00CHSRKGK on Amazon The T & S Electronics (TM) Micro USB OTG cable is solidly built, has sturdy connectors, high quality…

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My new portable gaming rig(r/gaming)

For those wondering how to get this to work, you need a high tier android device (or anyone android device that has the hardware to run this, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3), a micro usb to female usb adapter, a usb hub, a game controller, the application called n64oid, and roms (I got mine from emuparadise.org).

EDIT: More detailed instructions

I downloaded an app called n64oid only found on the slideME market place for 5 dollars I think, you may be able to find a substitute on the Google Play Store though. Then I went to emuparadise.org to find the roms I wanted to play and downloaded them to my sd card. Next, I launched my n64oid application and found the rom in my downloads directory and opened it up. If you want to use a controller, then you have to buy an adapter. This is the one I bought: www.amazon.com/LIFETIME-WARRANTY-Electronics-Micro… You don’t need a USB hub but if you plan on using multiple controllers for multiplayer gaming you will have to buy a hub. You can also connect a usb drive, keyboard/mouse, external hard drive, etc… (not sure if all these will work on your phone though, but on my galaxy s3 they all do). Then buy any USB controller and connect it to your phone’s micro usb slot by using the adapter (xbox controllers work too, I think PS3 controllers might work as well). Lastly, map the keys to your game controller and play =D

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