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LifeHammer The Original Emergency Hammer with Seatbelt Cutter, Made in The Netherlands, Orange


LifeHammer’s Original Emergency Hammer is a high-quality car escape tool, designed to help prevent automotive entrapment after an accident. Should power locks become disabled or a safety belt jam after an accident, the double-sided steel hammer heads allow the vehicle occupant to shatter side and rear windows, while a safely concealed razor-sharp blade cuts easily through safety belts. This product includes a mounting bracket (made of tough ABS plastic) for convenient installation, a polyprop…

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Some potentially life saving advice that I learned over the weekend(r/AdviceAnimals)

Watch it. They revisited the myth when people mentioned that one thing they didn’t test for when they originally tested a car crashing into water was how a car sometimes turns over.

Adam said out all the seasons they’ve done, all the guns, the heights, the crashes, the danger, the fires, the explosions…he’d NEVER been more terrified as when he was trying to escape from that car when it turned over. Watching the interview his anxiety was palpable.

I bought myself an emergency hammer the next day.

Edit: Interview linked here.

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