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LifeHammer The Original Emergency Hammer with Seatbelt Cutter, Made in The Netherlands, Orange


LifeHammer’s Original Emergency Hammer is a high-quality car escape tool, designed to help prevent automotive entrapment after an accident. Should power locks become disabled or a safety belt jam after an accident, the double-sided steel hammer heads allow the vehicle occupant to shatter side and rear windows, while a safely concealed razor-sharp blade cuts easily through safety belts. This product includes a mounting bracket (made of tough ABS plastic) for convenient installation, a polyprop…

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How to break the glass of a submerged vehicle using the headrest(r/LifeProTips)

Truly a LIFE pro-tip.

However, if you are able, please keep a window-breaking tool conveniently accessible in your car. Either a hammer or spring-loaded multi-tool. Just make sure that whatever you get can also cut seatbelts (like the two I listed here).

Mythbusters did a couple episodes on escaping from an underwater car. After their experiments, even they said they would be keeping them at arm’s reach at all times while in a car.

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