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Lewis & Clark – The Journey of the Corps of Discovery


Sent by President Thomas Jefferson to find the fabled Northwest Passage, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led the most important expedition in American history a voyage of danger and discovery from St. Louis to the headwaters of the Missouri River, over the Continental Divide to the Pacific. It was the United States’ first exploration of the West and one of the nation’s most enduring adventures. This extraordinary film tells the remarkable story of the entire Corps of Discovery not just the…

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Historians of Reddit, What are some of the freakiest coincidences of history?(r/AskReddit)

I’m not a historian but this one has always stuck with me. Lewis and Clark were using Sacagawea as an interpreter with the native people as they traveled west. Before they crossed the Rocky Mountains they had to secure horses for their journey across in order to survive.

The local Indian tribe didn’t trust Lewis and Clark and believed they might be a war party. As Sacagawea was interpreting and talking with the Indian chief and getting no where …. she suddenly realizes that the chief is actually her long lost brother and breaks down hysterical crying. She was taken as a slave from a neighboring tribe at a very young age. It completely changed the direction of the talks and Lewis and Clark’s party of 40 people got their horses.

Historian Stephen Ambrose said no Hollywood writer would have the audacity to dare write it that way. A number of people in the party (including Lewis and Clark) kept diaries of the journey and it’s quite interesting to read everyone’s account of how that transpired.

Edit: Anyone interested in learning more … Ken Burns did an amazing documentary on them back in the 90’s.

Edit 2: Available free on Amazon Prime!

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