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Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim-Fit Jean


A modern slim with room to move, the 511 Slim Fit Jeans are a classic since right now. These jeans sit below the waist with a slim leg from hip to ankle.

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Giving this a second shot. 2 looks 1 budget #2 – $307 vs $1,335(r/malefashionadvice)

After receiving much feedback and constructive criticism on my last post, I chose higher quality items and steered away from Uniqlo.

One thing you may notice about the Alden shoes is that they don’t have a closed vamp like the model’s shoes in the picture. In fact, the Stafford wingtips are a closer resemblance than the Alden’s. I chose the Alden’s because they are made with incredible quality and with proper care are a “buy it for life” type of shoe. A comparable quality shoe with a closed vamp would be the Allen Edmond McTavish – $295.

Higher priced items

Jcrew ludlow tweed sportcoat – $548

Jcrew selvedge chambray utility shirt – $98

Nudie Grim Tim – $179

Hook + Albert colorblock sock – $30

Alden Wing Tip Blucher – $475

Lower Priced Items

Asos tweed jacket – $149

Old Navy chambray shirt – $30

Levi’s 511 in Black – $45

Vannucci dress socks – $7

Stafford Wingtip – $60

And lastly, some words of wisdom from jdbee:

Finally, let me try to pre-empt three points of confusion from the last couple threads –

  • Don’t think of this as $343 or $1639 for one outfit – that’s not the right way to shop, and it’s not the right way to approach this graphic. It’s a collection of versatile pieces that you can/could/should mix and match with what you already own. They happen to look good in this particular combination, but everything in the image is versatile and it’ll look good with the other stuff in your closet too. Shopping for versatile pieces instead of distinct outfits is one of the core principles of MFA.

  • Notice how nothing on the right (except the least expensive item) has a brand name. Some things cost a lot because a designer sprays their name across the front, but other things are expensive because of the design, materials, type of construction, and/or place of manufacture. Don’t reject the latter because you only have experience with the former. That said, if you’re honestly curious about what makes a pair of jeans worth $300+ to someone, definitely ask.

  • “Don’t waste your money on the expensive stuff when there’s similar-looking cheap stuff,” is absolutely not the point of this. The goal is to inspire, inform, and maybe spark a discussion about values and budgets. I also do it because I enjoy the challenge and the process of hunting down and assembling everything.

EDIT: Fixed the link to the McTavish.

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