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LEGO Indiana Jones Race for the Stolen Treasure


Recreate one of the greatest chase scenes in movie history with this exciting set!

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TIL that the creator of Legos made a policy of no military sets because he didn’t want war to seem like child’s play.(r/todayilearned)

Everybody is talking about Star Wars, which is debatable, but what about Lego Indiana Jones? The sets include military vehicles from only around 70 years ago, and a mounted machine gun on that set as well. Although Lego could be getting around this by making these sets specifically based on and named after franchises, not wars or militaries. For example, they put military things into sets based on fictional franchises, an example of this being “Lego Indiana Jones: Race For The Stolen Treasure” instead of creating a set based entirely on the military like “Lego Wehrmacht: Battle of Stalingrad”.

Edit: Another Lego™ idea I had while making this was Lego Nazi Party: Göring’s Military Parade.

Edit 2: As some people have pointed out, Lego™ seems to have an exception with warfare 120+ years old without a franchise. They seem to have made colonial sets with military ships, muskets, and blunderbusses, along with some medieval sets(Which I can verify). However, something I have noticed is that the countries on these sets are unspecified (Atleast the ones I’ve seen), and the uniforms are often generic. However, I think Lego™ has these exceptions because it wouldn’t make much of a difference to glorify the Holy Roman Empire, whereas glorifying Zaire or Peru could have some effects because those countries are still here. Glorifying a Spanish soldier in the 1600s would be different from glorifying one today, not only because of the difference in technology (and fabulous uniform), but because many would assume that the nation as a whole would be very different, and thus if it influences them and they glorify the Spanish Navy of the 1600s, it would only be the Spanish Navy of the 1600s and not the Navy of today, because of that large time difference.

Edit 3: As requested, I have made up some more names: Lego Nazi Party: Gestapo Headquarters set, Lego Nazi Party: Operation Valkryie Gestapo Edition, Lego Wehrmacht: Luxembourg Takeover, Lego Nazi Party: Construction of The Atlantic Wall, Lego Wunderwaffe: Schwerer Gustav, in the Siege of Sevastopol Lego Wunderwaffe: Landkreuzer P.1500 Monster, Desert Camouflage Edition Lego Nazi Party: Conference in the Reichstag set Lego Kriegsmarine: The Bismarck’s Last Stand Germans have had a lot, will be skimming through others now (Pretty late where I am, don’t have much motivation) Lego WWII: Ambassadors set Lego WWII: Battle of Moscow Ski Trooper Battalion Lego WWII: Polish Winged Hussars Lego Wehrmacht: Operation Dragoon Nineteenth Army Ambush And lastly, for an extremely obscure reference decades old, Lego Luftwaffe: Messerschmitt XL 12. I have done it Nimrod!

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