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LE 16.4ft/5m Flexible LED Light Strips, 300 Units SMD 3528 LEDs, 12V DC LED Strip Lights, Blue, N…


Please Note: 1. Neon Mart is the only legally authorized seller on amazon, and the products from other sellers are all unlawful reproduction. A power adapter is required but not included, Please search ‘Lighting EVER 5000028/B019Q3U72M’ on Amazon if you need one. Size of LED: 3528 Lenth of a tape: 16.4ft LED Quantity: 300 Working Voltage: 12V DC Waterproof: No Easy Installation. Self-adhesive back with adhesive tape for safe and easy application. Safe to use. The working volt…

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LPT: Having a light on behind your monitor, like a small lamp, greatly reduces eyestrain at night.(r/LifeProTips)

>LED strips are super cheap…

>…40 bucks.

You and I have very different definitions of the phrase “super cheap”.

Edit: OP must have gotten super fancy LEDs, here’s a 16ft led strip for $7. Don’t worry, it can be cut to length. There’s dozens of cheap listing’s on Amazon.

Edit: if you don’t want to do any trimming and such, I’ve been told IKEA sells these for about $16.

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