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Kotobuki Plastic Egg Mold, Rabbit and Bear


Shape hard boiled eggs into rabbit or bear faces with this easy to use egg mold. Place a just cooked shelled hard boiled egg into the mold bottom, slowly close the top and secure. Put egg and mold into cold water. After 10 minutes, remove and slowly open the mold, revealing an egg with a rabbit or bear face.

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My kindergartener’s lunch: sandwich, protein bar, egg, carrots, nuts, fruit(r/food)

You can find all kinds of fun bento toys on Amazon. Here are my faves:

Kotobuki Egg Mold, Rabbit and Bear www.amazon.com/Kotobuki-Plastic-Mold-Rabbit-Bear/d…

SCI Cuisine International 2.75 Inch Square Egg Press www.amazon.com/SCI-Cuisine-International-Square-Pr…

CUTEZCUTE 10-Piece Bento Decoration Box, Animals Food Picks and Forks www.amazon.com/CuteZCute-Bento-Decoration-Animals-…

Happy Sales Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutters www.amazon.com/Kaneko-101659-Stainless-Vegetable-C…

CuteZCute Animal Friends Food Deco Cutter and Stamp Kit www.amazon.com/CuteZCute-Animal-Friends-Cutter-Sta…

Kotobuki Crayon Bento Box, Black Ninja www.amazon.com/Kotobuki-Crayon-Bento-Black-Ninja/d…

Sushi Grass Baran Garnish Short www.amazon.com/Sushi-Grass-Garnish-1000pcs-BA-1/dp…

If you enjoy this sort of thing, it’s easy to get lost in Amazon’s lists of related products.

Spend $30 on those tools and these lunches should take 10 mins to assemble in the morning. One of my biggest challenges is keeping a variety of foods on hand.

*edited to add link to green sushi grass

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