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Jorg Gray Men’s JG6500 Analog Display Quartz Black Watch


President Barack Obama has worn the Jorg Gray 6500 Series Chrongraph since receiving the watch as a present on his 46th birthday in August 2007. Since then, President Obama has been photographed wearing the watch on numerous occasions including at the Presidential Debates, on Election Night, at the Inaugural Ball and through the first 100 days of his Presidency.

The watch offered here is the same make and model 6500 Series Chronograph as worn by President Obama, with a special commemorative…

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[Identify] What watch[es] is President Obama wearing in Pete Souza’s recent photos?(r/Watches)

I actually have this watch saved in an Amazon wish list. There’s a special edition you can get with an engraved case back stating its obamas watch. The secret service bought it for him upon taking office.

Jorg Gray Men’s JG6500 Analog Display Quartz Black Watch www.amazon.com/Jorg-Gray-JG6500-Analog-Display/dp/…

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