upvoted.top:Jerdon MC315N 3-Inch Folding Travel Mirror with 15x Magnification

Jerdon MC315N 3-Inch Folding Travel Mirror with 15x Magnification, Nickel Finish


The Jerdon MC315N 3-Inch Folding Travel Mirror is an ideal bathroom and makeup accessory that can be taken on all your journeys, helping you maintain your look wherever you go. This smart travel mirror folds flat and features a cleverly designed stable base with a convenient tilt adjustment and 360-degree swivel rotation to angle this mirror however you please. The two-sided, 360-degree rotating design offers a regular reflection of 1x magnification and 15x magnification to make sure every de…

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Homemade projector: Put your phone in front of a concave mirror, focus the image and it will project onto a wall.(r/lifehacks)

Aka makeup mirrors.

The kind that you look into and suddenly you can see stray hairs, wrinkles, pores, and flakes of dry skin and suddenly you realize what a doomed mortal creature you are, rife with decay and only the artifice of paints and salves can bring–however temporary– relief.

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