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Issey Miyake L’eau D’issey Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 4.2 Ounce


Introduced in 1994. Fragrance notes: citrus and spice combined with lower notes of musk, amber and woods. Recommended use: evening.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount o…

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Buying cologne as a gift for my boyfriend(r/malefashionadvice)

I wrote this on here a while back..

I’m a cologne junkie. The most versatile, and I personally think one of the safest colognes out there is Issey Miyake’s L’eau D’Issey. It’s what Acqua Di Gio tried to imitate. It can be worn for all four seasons and everyone who knows cologne knows that this is the longest lasting fresh scent. Fresh scents are the ocean smelling aquatic colognes like acqua di gio, or davidoff cool water as opposed to sweet smelling scents. While not crazy sophisticated or anything, it’s a damn classic. I get complimented on it all the time (even from dudes). There’s about 14 different notes combined in the top, middle, and base notes. So there’s a lot to it. After spending about 7 months learning everything about fragrance (from cheapie colognes to niche’) and building up a big collection..cologne snobs might frown at this, but this is my favorite cologne. I’ve found nothing else that garners as many compliments.

I bought it from here. It’s legit. www.amazon.com/Issey-Miyake-Dissey-Toilette-Spray/…

If you’re looking for something a little sporty with some sophistication without being offensive, I would definitely tell you to check out Chanel Allure Homme Sport. It’s a more mature scent compared to Miyake. Just Go to your local Sephora and ask them to give you a sampler vile. However, Chanel is pretty exclusive and unlike most designer colognes, they don’t distribute out to different vendors aside from the major department stores. So this means you’ll be paying top dollar. Who knows though, it might seem worth it to you. I personally love it.

As for Fall/Winter scents.. I could tell you that after everything I’ve learned so far, the 2 most popular scents are Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male and Burberry London. Le Male isn’t for everyone though. It’s usually either a hit or miss. and depending on the area you live in, you might already have smelled it on someone. I personally live in an area where no one knows of the stuff, so when they smell it on me I get generally positive reactions. As for longevity…..its NUTS. People on youtube will tell you it lasts from either 8-15 hours and they aren’t lying one bit.

Burberry London is made for holiday’s. Once you smell it, you will be reminded of sitting at your Thanksgiving dinner table, or being around a fire at christmas time with your family. It just has that feeling that’s hard to describe until you’ve smelt it. It is a very mature scent though. You just have to wear it with confidence. It should however be the most mature scent you get until you’re like 35-40. I’m 20 and oddly love wearing this around the older ladies at Christmas parties and more mature settings. It just has a touch of modern to it that doesn’t make it seem like you might have pulled it from your dads bathroom. The only flaw to this cologne is that the longevity is very poor. Maybe 3-4 hours tops for this sucker. This wouldn’t be my first choice for you though. Once you’ve got one or two safe aquatic or sweet scents, then this will definitely SPICE up your collection.

But seriously..it all matters about what YOU’RE trying to go for. Do a little research online, then sample sample sample. Be annoying and ask the person behind the counter to smell everything you want. Finding the perfect cologne is more complicated than finding the perfect car. But the above colognes i mentioned here are definitely among the safest blind buys. There’s no doubt about that. Even the snobs would agree.

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