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Iris USOA447 IRIScan Express 2 Portable Scanner


Iris USOA447 IRIScan Express 2 Portable Scanner

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Teachers of reddit, was was the most unique way you caught a student cheating?(r/AskReddit)

When I was in high School, there was this kid I’ll call Chris. Chris was, by and large, a typical student. No weird dress, no bullying, no extreme displays of intelligence. he wasn’t popular, nor was he a pariah, not athletic nor the fattest kid in the school His grades? Average, just some As and a few Bs. But that changed quickly when someone discovered his dirty little secret. He was expelled for his actions, but i found him several years later, working at a gas station, going to community college for computer science, a fitting degree given his story.

Chris would go to the school on a Friday night, when everyone was at home, relaxing/ enjoying themselves, sometime around midnight. He parked his bicycle in the nearby streets and made his way to the school under the cover of foliage (there was a mildly wooded field nearest the school), and find a small, back door that led into the Art and Music section. He’d pick the lock on the door with picks made by hand, and sneak right into the school. He would then use a specific route that was unsecured by cameras to enter into the teacher staff offices (all one room, lots of desks) and would do all manner of tasks. He would peruse the teacher’s desk. If he found the copy of the test in question, he simply took out a portable scanner similar to this one and began scanning whole tests. If the tests came out of the book, he would find any relevant sections and copy them down. Tests on CDs were extremely easy, he said. he simply used Power ISO to make a bit by bit copy of the entire disc. But some teachers hand wrote their tests. So, he devised the craziest solution I had ever seen. He made a little piece of hardware that fit into the keyboards that logged every keystroke, essentially a modified, stealthier, and much smaller, version of this. the result, every week, he’d get a huge text dump of hundreds of files, and would dig through them using a find function available on any text editor, like Notepad. he could steal entire portions of tests effortlessly. Then, it was easy as looking up the answers and memorizing them, copying them onto tests, and getting As. The surprising bit, he actually learned the material better than many of the other, more honest kids.

How was he caught, you might ask? Well, there was a design flaw in his hardware that he used to log the material. The power necessary to run the keyboard came from the power that was supplied by USB cord. It went in a reciprocating loop. If the hardware broke down, the circuit was cut, and the keyboard could not transmit data. At all. It would not even power up. The Spanish Teacher who discovered his ruse took it down to IT. He thought that the keyboard needed a deep cleaning since he ate lunch and maybe some crumbs got in there (okay) SO they pop it open and they find his little chip, microSD card and all, frayed somehow. So the Principal orders the IT guy to open every single keyboard. They deduced who it was solely by the Cinderella principle. There was no other person in the school who had all those teachers besides Chris. He was expelled and sent to juvenile hall for 6 months, plus probation. In the end, the school basically revamped everything. They had cameras running 24-7 in all doors

SUMMARY: Former student of my high school custom built a keylogger with a 8GB microSD card, broke into the school, installed them IN THE KEYBOARDS, and came back periodically to steal info for tests.

Edit: i kan spel

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