upvoted.top:Ionic GUARDIAN Armor Samsung Galaxy Note II Galaxy Note 2 Case (Black)

Ionic GUARDIAN Armor Samsung Galaxy Note II Galaxy Note 2 Case (Black)


Brushed Flip Leather View Smart Case Replacement Battery Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 Black

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Lego phone dock for Galaxy Note II, with built in USB(r/DIY)

I will go through here and pick out the important pieces, but remember I made this for my specific phone with my specific case. My exact build wouldn’t work for everybody. I tried to highlight the USB assembly and the base connection because those were the most important. The rest could be tweaked for any phone with a little modification. Since there are so many devices out there, I want to inspire people to try it and make it work for themselves.

That said, if there is enough demand for it I can try to get a complete parts list together.

EDIT: Okay, Here are some of the parts and their (Design IDs) for Pick-A-Brick

  • 6x Clamp 1×2 (2432)
  • 2x Brick W. Bow 1X4 (3659) OR 2x Roof Tile 2X2/45° Inv. (3660)
  • 3x Plate 1X1 W. Up Right Holder (12825)
  • 3x Plate 1X2 W. 1 Knob (3794)

I can NOT find the angled bricks I used for the base in their Pick-A-Brick section. I would suggest using hinges or rocking plates (6134 + 3937) to get the angle you want from the base to the back support, and you’d need an extra column to support that, forming a right triangle. That’s what I would have done without those pieces.

Can’t find some of the sound channel pieces there either. Pick-A-Brick is not comprehensive. The rest is a lot of plates and basic bricks.

EDIT 2: I can’t even find those angled pieces on Brickset and that is pretty comprehensive. I feel like I’m digging though my huge assorted Lego bin looking for that piece I need. o_O Where did I get these?

EDIT 3: Mystery solved; I got them in set 2152 Robo Raptor. (fuck yeah, robot dinosaurs) Not available from Pick-A-Brick but available used on Bricklink. So if I put together a complete list, some of these parts will still have to come from private sellers.

EDIT 4: brb learning to use Lego digital designer, brick list and instructions forthcoming
edit 4.5 this thing is pretty cool

EDIT 5: Hard part’s done– I have rebuilt the dock in Lego Digital Designer, but it’s past my bedtime… I will make another post with a parts list for ordering, etc, tomorrow. Quick export of parts list here. Cheers, reddit.

FINAL EDIT: Step-by-step is up, made a new post for it here

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