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InterDesign Suction Fog Free Shower Shaving Mirror for Bathroom – Clear


The Suction Fog-Free Mirror is specifically designed for shaving in the shower where steam can be a problem. No tools are necessary as this shaving mirror comes with strong suction cups for adhering easily to any nonporous surface.

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What are some tricks you use to shorten your every day routine(brushing teeth, showering, etc.)?(r/AskReddit)

I bought one of those afore-mentioned water-filled mirrors. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time. The shave adds maybe 3 extra minutes to your shower, as opposed to 10 min of shaving over the sink. Also, the steam from the hot water opens up your pores a lot, so you have a much closer shave.

EDIT: Since everyone is asking, here is the mirror I got. Has been stuck to my shower door for months and is fogless every time: www.amazon.com/InterDesign-Suction-Shower-Shaving-…

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