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I am Dr. Buzz Aldrin, back again on reddit. I am an aeroastro engineer, and crew member of humanity’s first landing on the moon. AMA!(r/IAmA)

Hi Buzz,

My 8 year old daughter would like to know:

  • Was it smooth riding in a spaceship?
  • Would you like to go into space again?

My 10 year old son would like to know:

  • How high did you jump on the moon?
  • What was the moon’s texture like?

Many thanks.

edit next day:

Thanks for the upvotes, my children are very pleased.Smiling What’s an upvote? What is reddit? Oh, boy, that’s a question and a half.

Thanks to /u/loveload for this answer about smoothness, very thoughtful of you to post, and great links.

As some people have commented there are theoretical answers, but these questions were looking to Dr Aldrin’s experience. As another Buzz once said “I don’t think it will mean the same coming from me”.

Also, cut Victoria some slack, people, nobody owes you anything. Wants and needs are different things. /r/firstworldproblems

edit 2:

Also, thanks to /u/deadbird17 for this answer about how moon dust is sharp.

These and questions about jumping are all things I already know about. I talk to my children about them, we look them up ourselves, we watch Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, In The Shadow of the Moon, Apollo 13, we read The Sea of Tranquility.

I love that Buzz took communion on the moon. Our family takes communion regularly and it is amazing to me that someone would deliberately perform that act on the moon to say, we are one, we are connected. Whether you believe in anything spiritual or not, your actions can be symbolic, and have meaning. I think Buzz lives a symbolic and meaningful life.

How high did Buzz actually jump? I’m sure he tried.

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