upvoted.top:Hopkins 2610XM Subzero 52" Super Extender Snowbroom (Colors may vary)

Hopkins 2610XM Subzero 52″ Super Extender Snowbroom (Colors may vary)


For over forty years Hopkins Manufacturing and Subzero have shaped the winter snow and ice tools category. The wide blades on our ice scrapers clear away frost with fewer strokes and less effort, and the powerful ice chippers break up the thickest ice of the season. Our snowbrooms are capable of pushing the wettest, deepest snow from your entire vehicle. The snowbroom has a telescopic handle that can be adjusted to the desired size up to 52 inches.

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LPT: How to clear your car of snow in seconds(r/LifeProTips)

As a someone who detail cars.. This WILL scratch the shit out of your clear coat, especially if there is a lot of snow on the tarp as you drag it off. I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone who cares about their cars appearance, if you drive a beater tho.. Have at it.

Edit: A lot of people are making suggestions about if they can use this or that instead to avoid scratches, so I’ll just give my best advice. Winter is tough on cars in many regards, so your car and it’s paint is going to take a bit of a beating no matter what. The most important thing you can do to care for your car in snowy climates (besides regular maintenance) is to wash it frequently, and when you go through a car wash pay the extra buck or two to get the under carriage. Salt and rust is far more damaging to a car then some scratches so that’s first (Note: Go to reputable car wash to minimize scratches) . Honestly you’re going to get scratches no matter what you do, so all you can do is try your best to minimize them. Using a tarp is a bad idea because as you remove it will drag the dirt and grim that’s on your car along the paint. If there is snow on the tarp it will add weight digging into the paint even further. General purpose tarps are also harder then your paint and by itself could causing nasty swirls and scratches. If you’d like to use a cover use one that is designed for cars, they’re typically made of a softer materiel that causes less scratches, but still remove the snow prior to trying to pull it off.. this defeats the purpose of this LPT tho. The fastest way to remove snow from your car with doing the least damage is to use regular snow brush or brum. They will cause some light scratching as anything would, but it will be significantly less then a tarp and you might not even notice them. If you want you can even put your wipers up if you can to make clearing your window easier. Best scenario is to garage the car when you can or use something like a leaf blower to blow the snow off, but that’s not always possible/practical..and in all honesty a bit overboard for most cars. Also if you own a black car..your’re screwed swirls and scratches are the bane of glossy black paint.

Third edit: Get your car waxed, if your cars paint is properly maintained (i.e wash polish & Wax etc) the snow/water will bead up and slide of easier reducing the amount of scratches.

Second edit: Buy a shitty winter beater(that runs decent) slap some winter tires on there and not give 2 fucks about it.

Gold for me!? Haha, why thank you generous person.

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