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Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier, 390 sq. ft.


*From the air that passes through the filter. Overall particle reduction depends on many factors including the amount of air processed, the pollutant type and the pollutant introduction rate into the environment.   **When operated with the odor reducing pre-filter. It is recommended that the pre-filter be replaced every 3 months to effectively reduce common household odors and gases in a room. This product does not reduce or absorb carbon monoxide gas. Make sure gas appliances are well ventil…

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Neighbors are gassing me out of my apartment. What should I do?(r/AskReddit)

“when the door is closed there is an airtight seal all the way around” This. I had basically the same problem of neighbor smoke in my apartment. I used a combination of an airtight door seal, in my case a hippy curtain hung over the door, and an indoor air filter. Doing this basically eliminates the smoke odor, and if the filter is off and I smell smoke I turn the filter up or down accordingly. There are fancier air purifiers on the market that do a better job with smoke, but the honewell has a true HEPA filter and a carbon pre-filter which do a good job with no ozone.

Neighbors who smoke inside suck big time. If you live in an apartment and you smoke inside, your neighbors hate you, please stop, kthxbye.

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