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The Simpsons, “Homer the Father” is the twelfth episode of the twenty-second season and the four hundred seventy-sixth episode overall.

It originally aired on January 23, 2011.

Title-screen gag: Moe, dressed as a ski jumper, flies across the screen as the title moves closer to the screen. It crashes into Moe. He screams, tumbles, and falls out of scene.

Billboard gag: “SPRINGFIELD / SEAFOOD / / 50% MORE / FISH EYES” with a picture of Blinky, the three-eyed fish


Couch gag: The family runs into the living room, but before they can get to the couch, it runs away. The scene becomes the front-page article of a newspaper: “COUCH FLEES FAMILY, HIDES IN NEWSPAPER.”

Still in the scene framed in the newspaper, Homer turns the page to the sports section: “COUCH WINS BIG GAME.” The family follows the couch across the basketball court. Lisa turns the page to the business section: “COUCH VISITS NYSE.” They continue to pursue the couch. Bart turns the page to an ad section: “COUCH SALE.” They look around the page filled with couches. When they spot theirs, it runs to the next section. Marge turns the page to the comics section. The comic is called “Couch Gag.” There’s a family sitting on the couch. As the Simpson family arrives, the couch flees yet again, dropping the comic family to the ground. They yell unintelligibly at the couch. The Simpsons continue to chase the couch as the page turns on its own to the classified section. The couch reads one of the ads: “YELLOW FAMILY / SEEKS COUCH // ALL IS / FORGIVEN.”

The couch appears to get emotional. It turns around, and the Simpsons are there. They share a group hug.

A new front page of the Springfield Shopper spins onto the screen. The headline reads: “FAMILY REUNITED WITH COUCH, SITS.”

The episode is available on Amazon, iTunes, Simpsons World, and Vudu.

The scene begins at the 06:31 mark.

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