upvoted.top:Hada Labo UV Creamy Gel SPF50PA+++

Hada Labo UV Creamy Gel SPF50PA+++, 50g


Japan Health and Beauty – Skin Research (Hadarabo) hyaluronic UV creamy gel 50g *AF27*

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[Routine help] Hypothetically, if you had no skincare products and only 50$ maximum to spend at Walmart or Walgreens, what would you buy?(r/SkincareAddiction)

new purchase: Hada labo UV Creamy Gel spf 50 ++++. amazon link. makeup alley link.

great first impression! i was looking for a sunscreen with high UVA protection, with great texture and finish, that wouldn’t break me out or further dry my skin, that wouldn’t break the bank and also wouldn’t take 2 months to get here. ideally the sunscreen would also have some extras to it, like hyaluronic acid or vitamin c (this one doesn’t have vit. c though). that’s sort of asking for a lot haha.

this so far seems to tick all those boxes though. worth looking into!

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