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Grandluxe Black A5 PU Leather Note Pad Folder (600082)


Fashionable handy sized folder is suitable for attending business meetings. Stitched faux leather cover with inside pocket and slot for storing cards and documents. Complete with A5 ruled writing pad and pen loop. Available in 10 trendy colors.

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What are the Do’s and Don’ts of a job interview?(r/AskReddit)

DON’T Show up more than 15 minutes early. Leave yourself plenty of time to get there on time, but if you are more than 15 minutes early, go find a Starbucks. 5-10 minutes early is the sweet spot.

DON’T Condescend to the receptionist. She will tell the interviewer.

DON’T badmouth your former employer, supervisors or coworkers.

DON’T be unprepared. Research the company and know what they do. Have at least a general idea of what the duties of the position you’re applying for would entail.

DON’T ask questions about salary or benefits unless the interviewer specifically broaches the subject. (EDIT: There are a lot of questions about this one so ill try to address them all here. First of all, I am fully aware that this is a stupid taboo and I hate it myself. But keep a couple things in mind: 1) In a competitive market, employers can afford to be super choosy. Many employers won’t ding you for asking about salary but why risk it? Obviously if they make an offer it’ll have a number attached. 2) There are those who view questions about salary as being in the “don’t work” category. “How many vacation days do I get?” “Can I dress casually on Fridays?” “How long is my lunch break?” These are the kinds of questions you should never ask because they are all about how much time you’ll be able to spend NOT working. 3) You should have a general idea of what a job pays before taking an interview. If it wasn’t in the job posting, you should have asked for a general range during the initial phone screen – that’s actually normal. But specifics about salary in an interview can also be seen to be presumptuous and jumping the gun. At the end of the day, do what you like. This is probably the loosest of my “DON’Ts” but it’s solid advice that can only help you. Do with it what you will.)

DON’T assume that just because the interviewer is being casual with you that you can let your guard down and treat him/her as a buddy. It’s his/her job to establish a rapport with you. It is not an excuse to let your guard down.

DO dress appropriately. For any office job, wear a suit. Women, do not wear anything eye-catching. Earrings for example should be studs or small hoops only.

DO bring two clean copies of your resume. Yes, they already have copies of your resume, do it anyway.

DO invest in a nice folder or portfolio with a notepad in it to bring with you to interviews. Make sure you have a pen. Take notes. Jot down any follow up questions you have while the interviewer is speaking. This way you don’t interrupt them, but you don’t forget either.

DO be prepared with specific and relevant questions for the interviewer.

DO expect to do about 75% of the talking.

DO keep your composure, sit still, and pay attention.

DO make good but not excessive eye contact.

Most of the time if you are being brought in for an interview, the recruiter or hiring manager has already determined that you can do the job based on your resume and/or initial phone screen. An interview, more than anything else, is about a personality match. Is this a person that will fit in on the team? Do I want to see this person every day? Be affable, but don’t overdo it. Smile but don’t smirk. Don’t try to be funny, but don’t be dull either. It’s a fine line to walk, but a job interview is a sales pitch and you are the product. You are trying to convince them to buy you. And they have to live with their purchase for as long as you work there, so at the end of the day, give them a reason to say yes.

Source: I work in talent acquisition in human resources.

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