upvoted.top:Gigablock Bulk Continuous Ink System (CIS) for: Epson Artisan 710

Gigablock Bulk Continuous Ink System (CIS) for: Epson Artisan 710 , 725 , 810 and 835 All-in-One …


” This item is ONLY for USA and Canada market ”
” Fast Domestic Delivery in 3~4 days Secured , for orders through Gigablockshop ” ” Product ship from California, USA. ” Product Features- No more Ink Cartridges purchase, No more Cartridges replacement. Refillable ink cartridges/ink reservoirs enable countless refills. – Quick and Easy installation. You will be printing in minutes. – No Leaking or Clogging – Pre-Assembled – Environmentally Friendly The CIS(Continuous Ink System) consists of…

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How much ink does your Epson 9900 waste? (x-post r/photography)(r/videos)

Holy crap I didn’t know these things existed. A leak would be disastrous though.

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