upvoted.top:Generic GEN60528 Temperature and Humidity Meter with Alarm Clock Hygrometer

Generic GEN60528 Temperature and Humidity Meter with Alarm Clock Hygrometer


This Thermo-Hygrometer is an easy-to-read and economical way to track temperature and humidity. Featuring a jumbo display unit with one-inch tall digital numbers. Also has clock, alarm clock and calendar function. Great multi-functional item that you can display in your home or office. Use indoors, but if installed outdoors please make sure to place it in a protected area such as under a covered porch.

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Just put the finishing touches on my trailer and now I’m ready to crash some birthday parties.(r/gaming)

I store music equipment outside, and I can tell you. Heat is bad but humidity is your real enemy. I would get some kind of meter for that.

Not to be telling you what to do or anything, I have just lost equipment to humidity and I’d hate for you to do the same.


Research where it needs to be at, too high and you get condensation/rust, too low you get static. Both are bad for electronics.

Awesome setup you have man. I’m jealous of the business.

Edit: Getting a lot of responses saying where he lives would experience very low humidity. This is also bad as it causes a build up of static electricity which is very damaging to components.

Edit2: I am beginning to realize no reads past the first half of the comment so this will never be seen. I sometimes poop at work and don’t flush it, just because I hate my coworkers.

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