upvoted.top:Gallium 99.99% 15 Grams by RotoMetals Inc.

Gallium 99.99% 15 Grams by RotoMetals Inc.


99.99% Pure Gallium Metal in 15 gram quantity. Used widely in the semiconductor industry, this metal is fun to experiment with and is non-toxic unlike Mercury. A soft silvery metallic poor metal, elemental gallium is a brittle solid at low temperatures. As it liquefies slightly above room temperature, it will melt in the hand. Packed in plastic vials.

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I might be too late on this thread to get this baby noticed, but it’s worth the effort.

You are going to want to pick up some Gallium. Yes, the element. What’s wondrous about Gallium is that at room temperature it is a solid. However, when heated to body temperature (closing your palm around the container or running it under hot water) the metal becomes a liquid. That’s right, liquid fucking metal.


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