upvoted.top:Fury Martial Arts Folding Grappling Hook with Black Cord

Fury Martial Arts Folding Grappling Hook with Black Cord, Midnight Black


Used by ninjas to scale walls, climb trees and aid in quick escapes. This grappling hook by Fury has been specially designed to fold flat when not in use. Heavy duty midnight black finished steel hook is compact and easy to carry and comes with a 33 foot nylon rope. Originally a ninja warrior necessity, this grappling hook has many other practical uses as well. The military uses grappling hooks to help remove obstacles from a distance, especially when they are suspected of being rigged with e…

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TIFU by not testing the stability of a grappling hook bought off amazon.(r/tifu)

I call bullshit to your bullshit! Give me one moment please!

Ok here -> link to my stupidity! www.amazon.com/Fury-Martial-Arts-Grappling-Midnigh…

And if I can have 6 more moments, I’ll upload a picture of my own

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There! And I couldn’t find the other hook part, it was dark because it was nighttime, and I was in some pain so I didn’t look very hard.

Ok, I obviously am oblivious, as it does apparently say not for climbing I recant my earlier bullshit, my bad /u/DifferentAnt^even^though^all^ants^look^the^same

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