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Frozen Deluxe Karaoke with Screen 69127


Bring the enchanting world of Arendelle to your living space, with the all new Deluxe Frozen Karaoke Machine. This system boasts detailed artwork of your favorite Frozen sisters: Anna, alongside her sister, Elsa in her ethereal gown—a look as captivating as the winter snowflake dials of this machine. Perfect for every Frozen fan, this karaoke machine features two of your favorite songs from the movie: “Let it Go and “Do you wanna build a snowman”, and comes with a built-in monitor to display …

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Revenge for when you get bingoed(r/childfree)

Piggybacking on your comment.

My sister and I don’t get along, and she keeps having one ill-mannered child after another, and then ruining family get togethers with said ill-behaved children.

So, a few years ago I started the “Troll Uncle” project. The goal is basically to provide gifts that meet certain criteria:

  • Must look like good gifts on the surface.
  • Must make my mother (their grandmother) proud of me for being thoughtful (extension of rule #1).
  • Must make the kids happy as could be.
  • Must drive my sister crazy.

So every year, I get the kids thoughtful, over-the-top gifts that make them happy as hyperactive pigs in shit, and make my sister seethe and grind her teeth.

Past gifts have included:

  • Custom musical instruments
  • Singing or music lessons
  • Trips to family resorts that are just within the boundaries of driving range, so they have no reason to fly but instead have to drive at least 3-4 hours each way with the screaming kids in the car.
  • Giant stuffed animals that take up her entire SUV and require her to make multiple 2 hour trips to get it all.

So where’s the relevant part?

This past Christmas, I bought all 3 of them individual Frozen Karaoke Machines. They were all so happy to have their own microphones and be able to sing “Let It Go” on repeat. My mom said, “What great presents! Now you can sing Frozen whenever you want!” (Rules 1, 2, and 3 satisfied immediately.)

My sister shot me a dirty look and all the kids cried when she tried to take them away. I found out later they all sang the entire 2 hour drive home and haven’t stopped playing with them since. It’s now August and they still use them daily.

Rule #4. Satisfied.

Edit: Here’s a photo of the shopping cart after picking out the first machine. i.imgur.com/HrXz61C.jpg

I also got them some Disney plush toys that sang & made obnoxious noises. And Frozen silly string.

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