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Fortune Products FB-1PP Fairy Berries Magical LED Light, 3/4″ Diameter, Purple (Case of 10)


The Fortune Products FB-1PP Fairy Berries LED light is a set of 10 ball-shaped LED lights that are purple in color and can be hung from ceilings or placed in trees, shrubs, or other places as party or holiday decorations. Each light contains a single LED that fades on and off slowly to create a twinkle effect. Recessed hooks allow the lights to be anchored using a thin string or wire. The lights can float in water and are water-resistant. CR1220 lithium coin cell batteries power the lights an…

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Glowing Enderman Costume (as requested by our 7yr old son for Halloween) [album](r/Minecraft)

Two packs of Purple Fairy Berries (available from Amazon)

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